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Grain Buds

by STELLA on 2016-05-20 19:23:12

Grain Buds


"Grain Buds" is the second solar term in the summer season, representing a period where grains are fuller and fuller day by day, but not totally full yet.



Eating the Herb of the Common Sow Thistle

Why chinese people choose to eat sow thistle at this time? When xiaoman comes, it means the weather becomes hot and eating sow thistle keeps people healthy in this period. Often people eat some wheat cakes with the sow thistle.  


Offering sacrifice to the Deity of Waterwheel

Why chinese people worship this god? Because in the period of Xiaoman, the rain is very important for the field. People worship the god of waterwheel with the wish of more water.  


Celebrating the Birthday of the Silkworm Deity

In ancient China, men tills the farm and women weaves at home. And in the north part of China, the weaving material is cotton, while in the southern China is silkworm science. Thus in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces, it is a popular celebration of the silkworm deity.  


Harvest the Bananas

Bananas can be eaten in this period. And bananas are good for our health. It maintains the body's sodium and potassium balance and acid-base balance and make you smart.


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