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Lijiang - A place you must go to

by Stella on 2016-06-14 11:16:41


Lijiang, the beautiful place for many chinese people wanting to go to, is a nice city in Yunnan province. She is a wonderful land with all beautiful scenaries you can find in China. The sky here is very clear and blue, and the water here is very clean. The nature and huamn mixes so harmoniously here. You can enjoy her with all your heart and soul.


Its climate aslo gets many people's favor. Most of region is warm in winter and cool in summer. The year average temperature is 12.6 ℃- 19.8 ℃, not so hot or so cool. 

It also has rich biological sources with 13,000 kinds of plants, taking up 70% of the Yunnan province. The forest coverage rate here is 40.3%. So if you are interested in forest and plants, you can travel here or choose to apply a university here to study and cherish these plants.


The population here is diverse. Besides the ethnic Han, there are 12 minor ethnics living together. 


It has many cultural heritages, such as Wenfeng Temple, Fuguo Temple, Puji Temple, Yufeng Temple, and so on. Its famous architectures reflect the central plain culture, local ethic culture and Zang culture. 

And the Yunnan vocational and technical college of agriculture specilized in the agriculture. If you want to study chinese here, it is also very welcomed. 


Why Study here?

1. Beautiful surroundings

2. Diversed chinese culture

3. Wonderful nature 

4. Cheap living standard

5. Favorable climate

6. Convenient transportation(So near to the southeast countries) 

7. Old architectures 

8. Deep culture atomsphere



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