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How to learn chinese well?

by Stella on 2016-06-20 14:35:34


It is a standardization test of international chinese ability for non-chinese people about their communicative ability.  It has six levels and two parts, the paper-based test and interney -based test. 


The HSK1 students can understand and use some very simple chinese words and sentences. 

The HSK2 students can communicate with others about daily life in a simple and direct way. 

The HSK3 students can live in china without any big problems. 

The HSK4 students can talk with chinese native speakers fluently about many topics. 

The HSK5 students can read chinese newspaper and magazines and watch TV programs and make a complete speech. 

The HSK6 students can understand the message easily and express his opinions easily in chinese like a chinese. 

If you pass the HSK, you can study in China, apply for scholarship in China and work in China or your own country. 

So boys and girls, whether you are in your own country or in China now, it is a very important test for you to pass. If you have it, you have the stepping-stone to success. 

Here, we give you some tips for you to how to learn chinese well. 

1. realize the importance of learning chinese

2. study chinese with correct attitude


3. in a scientific way to learn 

4. make yourself active in class

5. learn while think


6. make notes

biji 2.jpg

7. read after the tape and practice more


8. catch every opportunity to speak chinese


9. recite some words every day


10. brazenfaced

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