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Welcome to Xiangtan University. Xiangtan University was established by Chairman Mao Zedong, it is one of the key universities of China. Xiangtan University is beatiful, has good facilities, and has an excellent teachers team. We do believe, with your life experience in Xiangtan University, you will fall in love with our campus.
Let me give you some important suggestions, in order that you will have a better expierence here.
   Freshman must check-in on the reception desk in the Foreign Student Building. To check for the facilities in your dormitory, sign-in for confirmation in the Check-in and Check-out Sheet.
At the time of graduation, you must check-out at the reception desk, after you get the Check-in and Check-out Sheet with the confirmation by the office of International Exchange center. You can deal with the final procedure of leaving the school.
 Repairs. Please fill in the REPAIR BILL on the reception desk in detail (better in chinese), the stuff will come to your dormitory during the reservation time. You must take responsbility for causing any damage of the equipment or appartment. e.g. toilet jam, light bult, destruction of the electrical equipments, such as chair, bed, desk, door and window(the reception desk can help you to contact the stuff for repair). Any damage caused in the appartment will be paid according to its original price/cost.
In case of emergency, please call the reception desk (TEL: 58293147).
火警:    119  FIRE:   119
匪警:    110  PUBLIC SECURITY:  110
医疗急救:120  MEDICAL EMERGENCY: 120
In the classroom, you must fill in the Repair Bill as part of your application for necessary facilities.
According to the rules of Xiangtan University, no free internet will be supplied. You can fill in the application form at the reception desk, and connect with the data from the reception desk at self-expense; this, after obtainig permission by the office of International Exchange Center (the reception desk can help you to deal with it). Please pay the fees at the reception desk monthly, 30RMB/M for internet.
   Please pay the rent at the reception desk on time. Self-expense students and Exchange students can have options with different facility dorms; for single room: 300RMB/M or 360RMB/M including TV and refrigerater.  560RMB/M for Double room(including TV and refrigerater); 760RMB/M for apartment (three rooms, including TV and refrigerater). The rent must be paid monthly.
Government Schalorship Students are free from paying the basic rent (300RMB) of a single room. If you choose a different option, for a dorm, you must pay the difference. Government Schalorship Students will receive a 100RMB/M increase in living allowance for water and electricity fees.
To connect the gas, you must pay the fees in the “Wan Kai Yuan” Supermarket by yourself (which is in the north gate of Zhong Tian Gong Yu), and register at the reception desk. All foreign students must pay the water, electricity and gas fees at the reception desk. In fact, the payment will be arranged at the end of every semester, as notified by the reception desk。
Please contact the teacher of International Exchange College for enrolling and residence permit. (TEL: 58293938)
Enrollment is in office #104。
(2)体检。如携带《外国人体检表格》原件,请自行携带原件去湖南国际旅行卫生保健中心认证(湖南省长沙市雨花区砂子塘路161号,0731-84721924  84718711)。如须重新体检,请空腹到湖南国际旅行卫生保健中心体检。体检须携带护照,2寸证件照3张。体检时间:周一至周五上午8:00-11:30。体检必须于报到后15日内完成。
Physical Examination. If you take the original Foreign Physical Examination Form, please certificate it at the ITHC with the original document by yourself. (add: NO. 161 Shazitang Road, Yuhua District, Changsha Hunan, tel: 0731 84721924 , 84718711) Otherwise, you must go to the ITHC to get a physical examination by yourself, with empty stomach, passport and 3 photoes. (time:Monday to Friday morning 8:00-11:30 ) Physical Examinations must be done within 15 days after enrollment.
For Visa or Residence Permit, please go to the Bureau of Public Security of Xiangtan, which is downtown, by yourself (ADD: Number168 Ji An Road),  take your VISA AND RESIDENCE PERMIT APPLICATION FORM, REGISTER FORM FOR FOREIGNER APPLICATION, TEMPORARY RESIDENCE FORM, PASSPORT (original and copies of passport & visa ), JW201 or JW202 (original and copy), ENROLLMENT DOCUMENT (original and copy), PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORMS (original and copy). Residence Permit Applications must be completed and turned in before 10 days to the termination of your visa. Otherwise, you must be liable for any loss.
Please get the class schedule in time and comply with the class timetable. Being late, leaving-early as well as being absent from class is prohibited. Harassment in class is also prohibited. Due respect must be given to teachers.
Asking for leave. You must hand in an application in written form and get permission prior to being absent from class.
If you need to leave prior to the scheduled school vacation, then you must inform the stuff regarding your estimated time for leaving and returnning.