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further strengthening the visa regulation of international students in Hangzhou

After the promulgation of new Immigration Control Act in China, Entry and Exit Regulations and norms of visa application for foreigners also came into act in turns. The No.30 article in the new Act stipulates that “Non-working residence permit shall be valid for more than 180 days”. The second item of the No.15 article of the Regulations stipulates that “Study Residence Permit shall be issued to people who pursue long-term education in China”. In addition, for students from countries that have entered into agreement with China of freeing citizens from applying for visas, parent business institution will issue residence permit to students because of study in China only after students have obtained X1 visas before entering China.

To further standardize the regulation, here is the regulation on visas for international students:

1. Short-term students whose duration of study is within 6 months will get the X2 visa extended or renewed. Generally, students will get zero visa and the duration of stay is in accordance with the time specified in the school certificates.

2. Language students who study for more than 6 months and hold JW202\201 will get a 6-month residence permit first time students apply for the residence permit. When renewing, students shall provide certification of attendance in the last semester. Students whose attendance rate is less than 70% without cogent reasons shall apply for 10-day stay permit and cannot have their visas renewed. To continue study, students shall re-apply for learning visa. 6-month residence permit shall be released to students who do have cogent reasons for failing the required attendance rate and provide demonstrations issued by schools and students with attendance rate up to 70%. Should any student with renewed 6-month residence permit end study in China, bureau should inform the students or their teachers shall apply to the bureau for a change to stay permit the duration of which should be no more than 30 days and leave China within the prescribed time. Universities should report to our bureau in time the students who is absent without reporting to the school and can be found nowhere but have a residence permit to expire in more than two months and the residence permit will then be declared invalid.

3. Degree students will get residence permit which is valid for more than 6 months in accordance with the time specified in the documents by university.

4. If students whose passport is to expire within 6 months need to apply for  residence permit, they should renew the passport and then apply for residence permit which is valid for more than 6 months.