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TCM tips aimed at improving people's health

The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the National Health and Family Planning Commission have jointly publicized messages on TCM and health preservation.

The messages included two documents, TCM health preservation and essential TCM health education information, which cover TCM-related aspects such as diet, exercise and mental health.

"The initiatives aim mainly to raise TCM awareness and facilitate people's use of TCM for better health and disease prevention," Zha Dezhong, spokesman of the administration, said on Thursday.

Top TCM practitioners will be organized to further research how to apply TCM-related health tips and knowledge into people's daily lives in a bid to improve public health, he said.

According to Zha, disease prevention is highlighted in the messages.

Preventive methods using TCM for common diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis and the flu are all listed in the documents, he noted.

To enhance public access to TCM-related health tips, the administration has used social networking tools like WeChat to disseminate useful information, he added.