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Tea Ceremony at the Confucius Institute at the University of Vienna

On 17th March 2011 the Confucius Institute at the University of Vienna (CIUV) offered once again the workshop “Tea ceremony” in the new semester.

Our Tea-master, an employee of the Confucius Institute, Ms. Rose Song presented a variety of Chinese teas, the development of tea culture and the traditions of drinking tea very clearly. The participants were enthusiastic about the interesting anecdotes from the Tea-master and enjoyed the fresh brewed tea, like green tea Biluochun, semi-fermented Tieguanyin, the black tea from Yunnan Minhong and the specific Puer tea. But especially the Yasmin tea was well-liked by the participants.

In addition to understanding a wide variety of Chinese tea and the good effect of tea, simple words in the Chinese language such as "hello," "please", "thank you" and so on were also content of this evening. A small tea sample on the end of the event prepared the participants a surprise and special pleasure. They sang high price of this event that they learned not only the basic knowledge of tea, but also the meaning of Chinese tea culture. It was such a wonderful event that they would recommend it to more friends in the future.

This year, the CIUV will offer the workshop “Tea ceremony” once the month to meet the needs of different people. According the special requirements of Schools or other groups, CIUV could also provide special workshops.