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Religious Holy Places in China

Kaiyuan Temple 开元寺           

It is a key cultural relic in the national safe-keeping and one of the most important Buddhist temples in China.

Chengtian Temple 承天寺      

Chengtian Temple together with Kaiyuan Temple and Chongfu Temple are named the three Buddhist temples in Quanzhou.

Chongfu Temple 崇福寺      

It is situated in Chongfu Road of Licheng District, another temple in which Shaolin Kongfu was taught and handed down after Quanzhou Shaolin Temple became ruined. 

Shaolin Temple 少林寺      

It is located on the Dongyue Hill in Fengze  district. In order to develop South Shaolin Wushu, the temple has been reconstructed recently.

Tianhou Temple 天后宫殿         

The government once held grand ceremony of offering sacrifices to the Sea God for the smooth sailing of the cargo ships. It is a key cultural relic in the national safekeeping

 Cao’an Temple 草庵            

The stone chamber is backed up by the precipice in which a relief stone statue of the Persian Lightening Buddha in Medieval Times is sitting in the center.

Zhenwu Temple 真武庙    

The Water God Xianwu was worshiped in the temple. It was a place for offering sacrifices to the Sea God during the Song dynasty.

Fengshan Temple 凤山寺     

It is because it looked like a phoenix flying aloft that it was called the Temple of Phoenix Hill( Fengshan Temple).It has now been developed as a tourist site.

Qingjing Mosque 清净寺   

Qingjing Mosque, another name Ashab Mosque is situated in the middle of Tumen Street. It is one of the oldest Islamic mosque extant in China, possessing typical classic Arabic Islamic architectural style.


Holy Tombs 圣墓     

The Holy Tombs, also called Islamic Holy Tombs of Quanzhou. In front the tombs there is a piece of “Wind-Rocking Stone”, one of the most famous “Ten Views in Quanzhou”- the “Wind-Rocking Jade Ball”.