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Kung Fu Center to Confucius Instiute of Pfeiffer University is Invited to Perform at Duke University

“See, Karate guys!”

“No, they are not Karate guys, they are from Shaolin!”

Kung fu masters

A conversation between two kids from Raleigh Chinese Language School, NC, came into Xing Liu's ears, who is MC to Kung fu center of Pfeiffer University, right after Kung fu show at Page Auditorium in Duke University. Xing Liu was lost in thoughts: the rules to tell a successful show from unsuccessful ones are whether the audience was shocked and remember who you are. And Kung fu center of Pfeiffer University did it!

Weihong Yan, director to Confucius Institute of Pfeiffer University, are always emphasizing that to be professional and academic are what Confucius Institute pursue. During Kung Fu US tour, Kung fu center earned huge popularity and a great deal of Kung fu students.

Kung Fu was the 13th in the 30 programs, this middle position gave Kung fu show the duty of letting the audience focus on the stage again and setting up a climax. All these important duties were depended on our three young Kung fu masters.

At First, What Kung fu masters presented to the audience was Ba Duanjin (Eight Section Brocade),Chinese soft Qigong, and also known as Medical Qigong. Kung fu show MC Xing Liu made a brief introduction on Chinese Qigong, history of Ba Duanjin (Eight Section Brocade) and Chinese regimen. Along with Chinese traditional music” High Mountains and Flowing Waters”, three Kung fu masters were moving smoothly and slowly, some of the audience imitating those movements.

Shaolin Kung fu masters show Eight Section Brocade

Coming next was Shaolin boxing, Master Yunnan Liu’s bold and powerful tiger boxing and Master Yuehui Yuan’s agile five animal boxing accompanied by the Rock ‘n’ Roll showed their endless passion the audience. And then, Master Zhongxu Mu ‘s Drunken boxing stunned every audience especially those native American friends. MC Xing liu explained,” The reason we give you the Drunken boxing is because this style of boxing show a rule in Chinese Kung fu- Take your opponents by surprise”

Shaolin Kung fu masters show

Suddenly, the music paused, every audience looked backwards to figure out what was wrong with the music, masters now began to meditate on the stage, meditation is the daily work to the Kung fu masters. Music were back again and all the audience used their cameras to take pictures of these Kung fu masters, all the flashlights lighting the Page Auditorium showed how much the audience love Kung fu masters’ performance.

Surprise were followed by surprise, Master Zhongxu Mu astonished the audience by his Qigong: Throwing Sewing Needle Through a Piece of Glass, one of the 72th Shaolin unique techniques and then three Kung fu masters performed armed techniques: Chasing Wind Sword, Shaolin Shuo and Shepherd Whip.

After the show, Leader of Kung fu center, Deputy Director to Confucius Institute of Pfeiffer University Xiaoxiao Ma interviewed by local media, he briefly introduced CI’s school characteristics and Kung fu center. In the same time, Kung fu masters were surrounded by loved audience, they wanted Kung fu masters could do more performance, and asked a lot questions about Chinese Kung fu and Kung fu class application, masters answered each questions, Due to the limitation of time, masters and all Kung fu center staff were leaving Page Auditorium with 1200 audience’s applauses. Kung Fu masters agreed on coming back soon, and do more Kung fu performance here again.