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Zhengzhou University Application Guide for Students
By shirly on 2023-01-13

Zhengzhou University



Zhengzhou University (ZZU) is the biggest university in term of student number. As a key university in China, ZZU has enlisted in the project of National World First-class Universities since September of 2017. With full facility of four campuses, Zhengzhou University has at present 47,000 full-time undergraduates, 24,000 postgraduates and more than 2,700 international students from more than 116 countries and regions. Now ZZU is on its way to a comprehensive & research-oriented university. Zhengzhou University has established 12 major disciplines: science, engineering, medicine, literature, history, philosophy, law, economics, management science, pedagogy, agriculture, and arts. Among which, chemistry, clinical medicine, material science and engineering are "World First Class Disciplines". With the rapid development in recent years, ZZU performs well in various international university rankings: In the Academic Ranking of World Universities, ZZU ranks 51 in the Chinese universities. In the U.S. News Ranking, ZZU ranks 385 in the world universities and 39 in China mainland. In the QS World University rankings, ZZU sits in the place of 801-1000. Moreover, 13 disciplines of ZZU including Chemistry, clinical medicine ranks the top 1% in the ESI ranking.

As the largest University in China, Zhengzhou University provides plenty of scholarship to sponsor hundreds of excellent applicants with full scholarship to pursue their degree in Zhengzhou University each year. This is the only Chinese university with so many scholarship seats. All excellent students are welcome to study in ZZU.

Program Type and Financial Aids




Bachelor Programs Offered in English

Computer Science & Technology, International Trade, Civil Engineering, MBBS, Oral Medicine, Medical Imaging, Anesthesiology, Medical Laboratory Science, Pharmacy,

Application Documents

1. The Photocopy of Passport

2. The Certified Copy of High School Diploma

3. The Certified Copy of High School Transcripts

4. The Reference Letter from High School

5. The Valid Report of Chinese or English Language Proficiency Tests

6. The Physical Examination Report

7. The Certificate of Non-criminal Record

8. The Letter of Guardian’s Authorization (For applicants aged under 18)


Master Programs Offered in English

Environment Science and Engineering, International Trade, Tourism Managemen, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering,  Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Nursing, Public Health, Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Occupational and Environmental Health, Epidemiology and Health Statistics 

Application Documents

1. The Photocopy of Passport

2. The Certified Copy of Bachelor Degree

3. The Certified Copy of Transcripts of Bachelor Degree Study

4. Two Letters of Recommendation from Professors or Associate Professors

5. A Research Proposal (No less than 800 words)

6. The Valid Report of Chinese or English Language Proficiency Tests

7. The Physical Examination Report

8. The Certificate of Non-criminal Record


Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Neurology, Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, Reproductive Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Otolaryngology, Oncology, Clinical Stomatology , Immunology, Pathogenic Biology, Pathology and Pathophysiology, Forensic Medicine, Medical Neurobiology, Molecular Pharmacology, Epidemiology and Health Statistics, Occupational and Environmental Health, Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Clinical Nursing, Nursing Management, Design and Synthesis of New Drugs, Natural Medicine Research and Development, Tumor Targeted Gene Therapy, Molecular Pharmaceutics, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Microbiology and biotechnology pharmacology, Mathematics in material Science, Boundary value problem, Bifurcation theory, Optics, Theoretical Physics, Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Physics and Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Medicinal & Chemistry, Industrial Catalysis, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Processing, Biochemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Industrial Catalysis , Pharmaceutical Engineering, Chemical Process Machinery, Chemical Engineering Machinery, Thermal Power Engineering, Energy and Environmental... For more Doctorate Programs, please contact us for program lists!

Application Documents

1. Passport (should be valid at less one more year);

2. Full CV;

3. Working Certificates of all posts;

4. The notarized degree certificates of all tertiary studies (bachelor and Master); for current student, the certificate of current study, and the master degree certificate should be obtain before registration, otherwise the offer will be not valid;

5. Transcripts of all tertiary studies (bachelor and Master);

6. The statement of research interest and research proposal.

In general, a statement of research interest should include reasons for undertaking this study at ZZU and future career prospect, while a research proposal should include the background, the objectives and the methodology or approach you propose to take in studying the subject matter. The minimum word limit for the proposal is 2000. Proper referencing is needed in the preparation of research proposals. Applicants are strongly suggested to contact their potential supervisor to discuss the research proposal before submission. The result of the plagiarism check will be taken into consideration when the Department, Faculty and Graduate School review the application. The application may be deemed unsuccessful if plagiarized materials are identified.

7. Two academic referee letters. You should invite two academics who are familiar with your academic achievements to write recommendation letters. They should be signed recently with contact email and phone number.

8. Official score report of HSK, TOEFL, IELTS or other language proficiency tests. HSK 5 for CMI and IELTS 6.5 for EMI PhD program.

9. Physical Examination Record with issuing date. It is valid only in 6 months. Please make sure it is still valid when you apply for visa.

10. No Criminal Record Certificate (should be issued by police station only). It is valid only in 6 months. Please make sure it is still valid when you apply for visa.

11. The list of publications and the soft copy of master thesis and best publications.

12. Application form

13. Other documents, documentary evidence of academic awards and professional qualifications, and summary of relevant experience.


All of us at CUECC wish everyone:

Happy New Year!!!

Good luck in the New Year. In addition, our company is about to enter the Spring Festival holiday. During this period, we will reply to the inquiries of students and agents as well as submit applications. So don't worry, if you have scholarship programs you'd like to apply for, please feel free to contact us. thanks!


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