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Notice Regarding the Application of “Jiangsu Provincial Scholarship” in the 2023-2024 Academic Year
By Stella on 2023-10-18


Notice Regarding the Application of “Jiangsu Provincial Scholarship” in the 2023-2024 Academic Year

According to the requirements of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance and Department of Education, Jiangsu University now begins the application for the “Jiangsu Provincial Scholarship” in the 2023-2024 academic year. The detailed information is as follows:

1. Candidates:

a) Full-time degree UNDERGRADUATES and MASTERS in the second year or above. The quota for PhD students will be decided based on the evaluation results of this year’s Jiangsu University Presidential Scholarship.

b) The beneficiary of any kind of full scholarship CANNOT apply for this “Jiangsu Provincial Scholarship”.

NOTE: The Jiangsu Provincial Scholarship is incompatible with the Jiangsu University Presidential Scholarship. Therefore, no student can receive from both scholarships at the same time.

2. Requirements for applicants:

a) Be friendly with China, and abide by the laws of China and the regulations of JSU and OEC;

b) Be honest, responsible, and morally upright;

c) Have good academic performance during the stay in Jiangsu University. Undergraduate students should have all the required credits and have at least won a third-class scholarship or above.

d) Actively participate and have good performance in enterprise practice, innovation and entrepreneurship, volunteering (public welfare), self-improvement, international communication.

e) Possess a unique personal story of the time spent studying in China, including memories of deep impressions, experiences, and thoughts regarding your academic career and daily life in China.

f) Priority will be given to those who significantly contribute to the general welfare, make exceptional contributions, and promote the spread of traditional Chinese culture or cultural exchanges between China and other countries.

g) Students from financially disadvantaged families will be given the priority if competed on equal conditions.

3. Application Materials:

a) The filled-out Application Form of 2023-2024 “Study in Jiangsu—Provincial Outstanding Overseas Students Scholarship”. (attachment)

b) The personal summary of your study/research, school life, and activities.

c) The transcript detailing all courses taken at Jiangsu University since the student's enrollment in Jiangsu University.

d) An article about “My Story in China”. The content of this article should focus on the experiences and feelings that are deeply remembered during the study and life in China. It requires personal experience and gratitude. The writing language should be English or Chinese, and the number of words should not be less than 1000.

e) The supporting materials for all the achievements, honors, activities, and published papers. For the published papers, the order of the author and the level of the essay (such as SCI, EI, and SSCI) with the impact factor should be indicated.

f) The bank slip of the applicants (ICBC, ABC, CCB and Postal Saving Bank only)

All the above-mentioned materials should be provided completely. The materials given shall be declared void if any information is missing or incomplete.

4. The Selection Process:

a) The applicant should submit all the application materials to the class teacher before October 19th. The class teachers would make the first round judgment, rank according to the applicant’s daily performance as well as application materials, and give the preliminary recommendations.

b) After shortlisting, OEC will organize interview, evaluation, and selection in October.

c) OEC will publicize the name list of candidates after the interview, evaluation and selection.

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