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The First International Student Volunteers Training Meeting
By admin on 2014-11-25

 The first international student volunteers training meeting was held on the evening of Nov. 14th at the School of Chinese as Second Language. Fourteen international student volunteers from four campuses were present the meeting, where Wu Xiaoyan, Director of the International Students’ Office (ISO), gave an address.

Before the training, Wu Xiaoyan extended a warm welcome to the new volunteers and introduced to them the aim and the mission of the volunteer team. She hoped to show the students’  talents  and help them learn new skills, thereby increasing the international reputation of Sun Yat-sen University through their volunteer activities.

The training began after the speech.  The teacher presented them with a vivid picture of Sun Yat-sen University, from the history, to the architecture, to the latest on-campus developments.  Over the course of one and a half hours, the international student volunteers learned of  the  drastic changes and dramatic development that the university has experienced in the ninety years from her founder Dr. Sun Yat-sen to the leaders through the ages; from historic South Campus to modern East Campus. The volunteers showed their interest in the university after the training and praised the presentation during a subsequent discussion. 

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