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Currently there are four key disciplines in XYNU. In addition, the following disciplines are gaining favorable advantages, such as history of Qin and Han dynasties, culture in Sui and Tang dynasties, ancient Chinese system of imperial examinations, numerical value analysis, wavelet and image processing, differential calculus and manifold theory, the transmission and reflection of electric wave of dispersed medium, high-loaded charge particle physics, photochemistry analysis and electrochemistry analysis......

Are you looking to study at a Chinese University? Do you want to learn to speak, read and write Mandarin and be immersed in the rich Chinese history and culture? Do you expect to gain a better understanding of Asia? ...Then Xianyang Normal University is an ideal choice for you!

Excellent Geographic Location
Xianyang Normal University is located in the city of Xianyang, Shaanxi province. The city is in the hinterland of a broad fertile plain north of the Qinling Mountains. Wei River, a branch of the Yellow River, flows through the city, and not far to the south, stand the Qinling Mountains, which serve as China's watershed between North and South. The well-known ancient city Xi’an is only 10 kilometers away. The two cities share the Xi’an/Xianyang International Airport, which is only 8 kilometers from Xianyang. Our city enjoys a pleasant climate with four clearly distinct seasons. The area also abounds in resources. Xianyang is a charming city and has been listed as one of the ten most livable cities in China, attracting tourists from home and abroad.

Rich Historical and Cultural Atmosphere
In ancient China, the south side of a mountain and the north bank of a river were referred to as the "Yang", or the “Sunny Side”. Xianyang is on the north bank of the Wei River and just south of the Jiuzong Mountain, therefore its name "Xianyang" means the “Sunny Side City”!
Xianyang was the capital city of the Qin Dynasty, the first united feudal dynasty in China's history. It also served as the capital city of the Han Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty and so on for 13 dynasties, and it was the first stop for merchants traveling westward on the famous "Silk Road".
Surrounding Xianyang are the emperor tomb mounds of Qianling, Yangling, Maoling, Zhaoling and many other historic sites, stretching 100 kilometers or so, making quite a splendid view. So it is known as "China's pyramid groups", "the Natural Historical Museum" and area of the “Tombs of the Emperors”.
Nearby Xi'an is home to the world famous Terracotta Warriors and Horses, and also has many other rich historic and cultural resources, namely, the Bell Tower, the Shaanxi History Museum, Xi'an Stele Forest Museum, Xi'an City Wall, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Huaqing Hot Springs and more.
Shaanxi Province also has many cultural spots, such as Famen Temple, Yellow Emperor Maosoleum, Sima Qian Temple and the cradle of the Chinese Revolution Site — Yan'an. There are also Mount Hua, Mount Li and the Hukou Waterfall tourist districts, all famous for their beautiful scenery.

Distinctive Language Study Environment
Xianyang is a middle-sized city of about 600,000 in the city proper. It is not far from the larger metropolis of Xi’an, and thus is quite convenient for living. Furthermore, it provides a distinctive language study environment. Students in the metropolis, where many foreigners choose to live, of course have many more chances to communicate in their mother tongue. However, in Xianyang encounters with foreigners are much less frequent, and students are surrounded by Chinese and employ Chinese more frequently – just the ideal environment for studying Chinese and understanding Chinese culture.

First-Class Teaching Conditions
Xianyang Normal University, endowed with modern teaching facilities and rich teacher resources, is undertaking the task of teaching foreign students Mandarin. Many of the teachers have received their National Teachers of Chinese as a Second Language Certificate and are experienced and efficient in teaching. Students enrolled here are from America and Britain. Language courses from beginning level and up are provided as well as Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese drawing and Chinese Traditional Culture. Student organizations like Qinhan Calligraphy Carving Union, History Union and Loess Literary Union welcome you to join.
We enthusiastically invite you to come and study at Xianyang Normal University! You can expect a warm and hearty welcome! We are at your service to ensure you an amazing and rewarding experience!

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