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Cities Of Hainan
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Study in Sanya, Hainan province

Sanya is a world-famous tropical seashore tour-enjoying and ecological Demonstration City. And it is the most important political, economic, cultural and foreign trade port in the southern part of Hainan, also a famous coastal tourist city with tropical landscapes and special local customs.
Located on the southern tip of Hainan Island, Sanya stands between 18°09 and 18°37 latitude almost the same as Hawaii. Thus, its often called "the Hawaii of China" or "orient Hawaii". Situated in the center of Southeast Asia, Sanya is a highly convenient place for exchange with countries in Southeast Asia. It is also an important sea route connecting China with Southwest Asia, Africa and Europe. The area of Sanya is about 1,919 square kilometers, 91.6 kilometers long from the east to the west, and 51.2 kilometers wide from the north to the south. It lies in the southern valley of the Wuzi Mountain range, and stretches from the higher north to the lower south. With a coastline of 209.1 kilometers, it has 10 islets and 19 harbors. Among them, the West Daimaozhou islet is the biggest of all, on which there are nearly two big harbors, and the Sanya harbor has now become an important port of entry-and exit for deluxe passengers ships and for trade with foreign countries. Sanya has an international modern airport--SYPIA(SANYA PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT) which is the second largest in Hainan Province, with flights to domestic and foreign cites.

Dadonghai beach (Dadonghai) is one of Sanya@,@s cleanest beaches, situated about 3 km from the center of the city and just off the main road. The beach@,@s close proximity to the city means that it can get very busy here but this remains a pleasant and convenient spot to kick off your shoes, soak up the rays and swim in the sea. Like most of the beaches around Sanya, this is a truly tropical beach with 3km of white sand curving round a crescent shaped bay, warm blue seas and palm trees. Facilities here are good too. Water sports are popular and there are numerous small restaurants and bars serving up tasty snacks and drinks. It is particularly pleasant here in the evenings, when the sun sets and the crowds disperse.

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Cities Of Hainan
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