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China Culture Exhibition 'Charming Beijing' Opens in Milan, Italy

China culture exhibition " Charming Beijing" kicked off in Milan, Italy on Wednesday as part of the ongoing "Year of Chinese Culture in Italy".

The exhibition, which consists of a photographic and a fashion exposition, is held in a year rich of cultural exchanges between the two countries started in Oct. 2010 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

Director of Information Office of the Beijing Municipal People' s Government, Wang Hui, and Vice President of Beijing Language and Culture University, Zhao Min, attended the opening ceremony at renowned Catholic University of Milan in the presence of the athenaeum's pro-rector Franco Anelli.

"Italian Marco Polo and Matteo Ricci are well-known for bridging Italy and China through cultural and scientific exchanges, "Anelli said, adding that centuries have passed since then, thus " it is time now to explore new communication approaches".

"With its over 3,000 years as a city and more than 800 as the capital of China, Beijing offers us the best door to enter this huge country and know it a little more,"he said, adding that "a new fashion capital may join Milan soon".

In fact, the fashion exhibition displayed examples of Chinese style clothing designed by well-known Chinese stylists Bo Tao, Guo Pei, Zhang Zhifeng and Wang Yannan, which are representatives of the ancient culture and modern life-style of the country.

Shown in nearly one hundred countries and regions since 1997, the photographic exhibition has already won popular acclaim from governments and peoples.

With most of its photos coming from the "World Fotographers Focusing on Beijing" activity held in Beijing annually, it shows the metropolis through the lens and viewpoints of both Chinese and foreign photography, Wang Hui said.

These images exploring Beijing's harmonic combination of ancient and modern wonders "will function as a bridge between Italy and China, further enhancing the two countries'long-lasting friendship", she added.

In fact, as Chinese Consul General in Milan Liang Hui said, the relations between Italy and China are developing rapidly.

Bilateral trade volume hit 45 billion U.S. dollars last year, and it is expected to double to 100 billion U.S. dollars by 2015, she said at the exhibition.

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