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Study Tuina & TCM Cosmetic in Shanghai


FOR WHO 1) Those who love traditional Chinese medicine 2) TCM cosmetology 2) Love Shanghai City MAIN OBJECTIVE Essential theory of Chinese medicine, an introduction to tuina, tuina manipulation, tuina therapy and TCM cosmetic NEXT RUN DATE December 5, 2016 - December 16, 2016 * Monday to Thursday - Morning and Afternoon * Friday - Morning If you are interested, do not...

CUECC in Jilin Normal University


On Monday , the leader of CUECC and general manager of International business visited Jilin Normal University for a better cooperation of international students business. On the meeting, the president of JNU and CUECC leader Luke discussed on the issue of china’s universities development and the situation of increasingly vigorous foreign students coming to China. Later, we visited the cam...

Free to Study Chemical Engineering in China


CUECC just got a great news for all of our students who have interested in getting the bachelor degree of Chemical engineering and Telecommunication engineering. As there are some Big scholarships for these two majors! Details as below Uni location: Qindao City, Shandong Province Bachelor Degree in full English Chemical engineering Telecommunication engineering Scholarship details f...

2016 The Last English-taught MBBS Univeristy


Being a doctor has been the dream for a majority since long ago because of its decent payment and great respect from society. With living standard improved enormously,doctors are being demanded more urgedly. Hence, MBBS has jumped to one of the most popular programs for students. However due to limited seats, not everybody is lucky to fulfill his dream and some are forced to wait for new...

2016 Chinese Program in Shaoyang University


Soon most students will be sitting in classroom for the new term and prepared to enjoy everything in China. However some unlucky boys are still crying over their missed admissions to Chinese universities. Well now Sophia on behalf of CUECC is telling you one GOOD news that one university is still open for you! Let's have a look at this uni for details 1. university name: Shaoyang University 2...

MBBS in Binzhou Medical University(BMU)


Binzhou Medical University(BMU) is a common medical university at provincial level in Shandong Province. It was included in the Shandong Province’s construction projects of elite universities centered on the cultivation of applied talents in 2013. After more than 60 years’development, the University has improved a lot in various undertakings.Now Binzhou Medical University has bloomed into a unde...

China’s exam high-scorers weighed down by unrealistic expectations


Even in the Internet age, few ordinary people reach nationwide fame as quickly as those who ace the gaokao college entrance exams. While enjoying glory and admiration, these young people need to get ready for the sneers that will come if they fail to meet the sky-high expectations that society places on them. Yuan Jiawei has been rather composed in front of the media, considering that just thre...

Cheapest and Top 5 University in Nanjing


With summer vocation at corner, most universities has closed the application system for international students. So what should they do now?!!! Don't worry, we CUECC are still have lots of good universities ready for you to choose and today let's see a best university in Nanjing, the historical CAPITAL city once. Programs offered in English BACHELOR Electronic Information Engineering Comput...

Yangtze University Wins"Wushu and Winter Olympics in Beijing" -2016 Foreign Students’ Camping


"Wushu and Winter Olympics in Beijing" -2016 Foreign Students' Camping took place in Beijing from May 25, 2016 to May 28, 2016. 256 international students from 37 universities joined in the activity. Eight International Students from Yangtze University participated in it. During the martial arts competition, Muhammad Saleh, Zaid Shakoor Daudpota, Muhammad Arslan have got 5th, 7th and 8th ...

Authorization Letters of Zhejiang JiLiang University


University Introduction China Jiliang University, a well-known top university throughout China in the sector of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, is located in Hangzhou, an intriguing historical and cultural city in Zhejiang Province, East China. While engineering is the focus, CJLU is, however, a comprehensive university that offers many disciplines, including engineering, s...

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