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All Schools Reopen in Quake-hit Chinese County

All primary and high schools had reopened in southwest China's quake-hit Yingjiang County as of Monday, 11 days after a 5.8-magnitude earthquake jolted the region.

A total of 45,000 students, more than 97 percent of the county's total, are back in school. All of Yingjiang's 161 primary schools, 20 high schools and vocational schools have resumed classes, said Li Shaobo, head of the county's education bureau.

The quake on March 10 left 25 people dead and 314 injured in Yingjiang, Yunnan Province. It toppled 1,039 homes and seriously damaged 4,994 others.

More than 8,000 square meters of prefab houses had been erected on campuses to replace damaged school buildings, Li said.

Li said experts had closely examined all school buildings. Only buildings which could meet strict safety standards were being used. Badly damaged ones would be torn down and rebuilt.

"Most students are taking classes in shelters and only a few still use the old buildings," Li said.

The county also had ensured adequate supplies of tents, food and quilts for boarding students and teachers, he said.

"We have enough classrooms now, but we still need to put up more shelters for boarding students and teachers," Li said.

On Monday, the last 22 schools reopened. However, some kindergartens waiting for safety checks remain closed.

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