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The Delegation of Confucius Institutes at Angeles University Foundation Invited to Visit the Chinese

At the invitation of the China’s ambassador to Philippines Liu Jianchao, Former CHED Chairman Dr. Emmanuel Y. Angeles, President of Angeles University Foundation Atty. Joseph Emmanuel and the directors of Confucius institutes at Angeles University Foundation visit the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China on July 6th. Ambassador Liu Jianchao, Cultural Counselor Chen Yongshan, Ambassador Secretary Xu Xinli and the Secretary of Ministry of Culture Zhang ke participated in the meeting.

Ambassador Liu Jianchao met with the delegation from Confucius Institutes at AUF in the presence chamber. Ambassador Liu gave a positive reply to the work reports carefully which delivered by the directors of Confucius Institutes. Ambassador Liu also expressed appreciation to Angeles University Foundation for their support to Confucius Institutes at AUF. Confucius Institutes at AUF has also carried out a series of Chinese -language program and culture exchange which are highly praised and expectations by Ambassador Liu. He said that it would become a model platform for Chinese-language teaching and culture exchange. President Joseph represented Confucius Institutes expressed sincere respect and gratitude to Ambassador Liu and Cultural Counselors Chen Yongshan.

Ambassador gave a banquet for the delegation in the official residence of the ambassador. President Joseph handed a letter written by the Chinese Language Education students to Ambassador Liu. In the letter, the students expressed unbounded love for China and Chinese language culture. Their boundless vision for being Chinese teachers in the future deeply affected everyone present. Delegation conveys the cordial greetings and best wishes from Ambassador Liu to the Chinese Language Education students.

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