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Top 10 Foods that Hurt your Stomach

Gastric disease is a general term which includes a variety of diseases such as chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, peptic gastric ulcer, stomach cancer, functional dyspepsia, etc. Though these diseases show different symptoms, they share the same incentive - the way of life.

We eat a lot when we are happy, and we eat little or none at all when we are not in a good mood. We pass on the pressure and anxiety of our daily life to our stomach. And when gastric disease once becomes a label that cannot be torn apart from our body, we may finally come to realize that you cannot count on the stomach to share your burden and pressure. Therefore, nourishing stomach should start from a healthy diet in our daily. The following is a list of foods that can easily hurt your stomach and intestines. If you happen to have a bad stomach, please do not eat too many of these foods.

Mint can relax the esophageal sphincter and increase the acidity in your stomach.
Therefore, you should be careful of any food that contains mint, such as mint
tea, peppermint sweets, and cool mint gum.

Soda and Juice. Both beverages contain a lot of fructose, which cannot be
well absorbed by about 30% adults, thus causing an upset stomach
and intestines.

Beans contain oligose. After fermented by the bacteria in the intestinal tract, oligose can
produce gas to cause the symptoms like bellyache and abdominal distension. People
who are suffering from peptic ulcer and acute gastritis should not eat beans in their
daily life. After you eat beans, you should drink enough water to digest the fibers.

Coffee can cause the stomach to secrete excessive gastric acid, which leads to indigestion
and sour regurgitation. People suffering from gastric ulcer and heartburn symptoms should
not drink too much coffee or beverages containing caffein.

Broccoli contains a lot of soluble dietary fiber which can only be resolved in large intestine
and produce a lot of gas. And it also contains saccharides like beans do.

Tomato has high acid which stimulates the stomach to produce more gastric acid. Therefore,
eating too many tomatoes can cause symptoms like sour regurgitation and heartburn, and
so does tomato mash.

Diary products. People with lactose intolerance will have an upset stomach
after eating diary products. They can choose yoghourt, hard cheese, or
milk with low lactose for alternatives.

Fried food usually contains oily fat and high fat. After fried food enters into the body, oily fat and
high fat can accumulate in the stomach to induce illness. What's more, oily fat can produce a
kind of special substance called "acrylic acid" which cannot be digested by the body. People
who are suffering from gastro-enteritis should avoid eating fried food.

Cold drinks. Excessive cold drinks can lower the temperature of the stomach, and thus
infect the secretion of gastric juice and the function of digestive enzyme. Therefore,
it would be better to drink hot beverages to go with the meal, and cold beverages
between two meals.

Chocolate can bring extra heat to your body and relax the sphincter of esophagus, which can
cause the backflow of gastric acid and stimulate esophagus and pharynx.

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