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Guangzhou Huamei International School

About HuaMei(Introduction of the International Class Program)
      Guangzhou Huamei International School was founded in 1993 by Since its foundation Huamei school has attracted plenty of overseas students to study English and Chinese. With the swift economical development and rise of China in the world political arena, there is a sharp increase of the Chinese learning trend. In order to meet the needs of foreign students to learn the Chinese language and understand Chinese culture while maintaining and proceeding with their English, the primary school set up two international classes in 2004, which provide tailor-made English and Chinese curricula, with textbooks specifically compiled for them to meet individual needs. Amazingly, those without any understanding of Chinese at the beginning become able to adequately communicate in Chinese after one year of study. Thus, more and more foreign students and their parents show great interest in this program.
      In the new school year, the international class is extending to the middle school. With the successful experience in the Primary international classes and Chinese Culture Summer Camp, we are confident to make another success to the Middle School International Class
Each fall semester all foreign children are welcome to join our international classes.
Faculty and Staff
1. Teachers of Huamei are experienced professionals with bachelor’s or master’s degree obtained in China or abroad. Many have won nation-wide teaching awards.
2. Responsible and detail-oriented teachers with rich experience are candidates homeroom teachers of the international classes.
3.Team of professional Chinese Language teachers, native English-speaking ESL teachers and experienced Chinese English teachers.
 Life management
1.Our students’ apartments are well-equipped with air-conditioners, shower-rooms, laundries and medical facilities with two to four students sharing a room. Care-giving teachers are responsible for supervising the daily life of students off their classes.
2.Our nutritionist who used to work in Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences designs customized recipes for students with different needs, so that the nutrition balance is assured and the adequate nutrition is provided through the six meals each day.
3.Each student can obtain 7 uniforms per year, and daily necessities are offered so that almost all the needs of our students can be satisfied.
4. Every weekend there are many shuttle buses taking the children to and from school, escorted jointly by the life-caring teachers and school guards, with destination covering all mayor spots of Guangzhou city and some other regions. Activities or home-stay will be arranged for the students staying here during the weekend.
Prospective Students
Students of any nationality aged 2-16 who want to study Chinese and English in China.
Curricular Aims
1. Develop students’ "Excellence and Skill". Nurture students’ health, elegance, knowledge and unique personalities.
2. Improve students' Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, help them pass HSK Test while maintaining their English priority so as to develop their Chinese and English skills simultaneously.
3. Provide professional and tailor-made programs and upon completion of their studies, students can move smoothly to both prestigious domestic and foreign universities to pursue academic degrees.
Curriculum Structure
core subjects
Chinese, English, Math
non-core subjects
Music, P.E., Art, Computer
elective subjects
History, Geography
practical courses
Chinese cultures, Literature Society, Radio Station, Television Station, etc
interests development programs
Kickboxing, soccer, basketball, tennis, piano, ballet, eurythmics, classical Chinese painting, etc
The applicant is expected to submit the following documents:
   1) Complete the “Application Form for Guangzhou Huamei International School”.
   2) The transcript offered by the former school, and the written statement testifying to the student's studying experience at the school.
       3) 1 photocopy of the student's passport.
   4) 4 recent color photos of 2 cun and 8 recent color photos of 1 cun without hat.
   5) 1 photocopy of the passports of the student's parents.
   6) 4 recent color photos of 1 cun of the student's parents respectively.
   7) The original copy of the physical check-up document offered by Guangzhou International Traveling Hospital for the students above 16.
   8) The notary document to the letter of guarantee from the student's guardian.
   9) The notary document to trust instrument offered by the student's parents to the guardian.
   10) 1 photocopy of the guardian’s identification card (or passport) and 2 color photos of 1 cun of the guardian.
1. Total Costs (mainly including tuition, board and lodging):
Primary School students: RMB 32,000 per semester.
Middle School students: RMB 35,000 per semester
2.The fee for staying at the school on weekends and in the holidays: RMB100 per day.
(Notes: It must be applied in advance)
Contact details:
Contact: Stella
Phone: +86 15857187587