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China to fund non-profit art performance

China will invest nearly 100 million yuan (16.3 million US dollars) in developing non-profit performances made by troupes affiliated to the central government.

Zhu Di, head of the art division with the Ministry of Culture, said the ministry will further improve art administration and strengthen guidance over art creation at a press conference Monday, in response to President Xi Jinping's view that art should serve the people.

China will also improve policies to reform opera troupes, Zhu said.

According to Zhu, the ministry will carry out a series of artworks themed on the Chinese dream.

"China will come out with concrete measures to develop local operas in order to promote the development of traditional culture," Zhu said.

On Oct. 15, Xi urged artists to create more works that are both artistically outstanding and morally inspiring in order to present socialist core values.