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Photo exhibition on Chinese people's daily life held in Indonesia

 A photo exhibition portraying the daily life and changes experienced by the Chinese people since China's reform and opening up to the outside world was held in Indonesia's National Museum on Monday.

The four-day photo exhibition, themed "Dream and Memory", is part of various activities to promote the 2014 ASEAN-China Cultural Exchange Year.

The photo exhibition serves as another opportunity and platform for the visitors to know the historical development of the Chinese people's life in the last 35 years. "A platform as such shall raise awareness and understanding of ASEAN people about China, and thus, raising a mutual people-to- people understanding. This shall indeed lead to more interesting and encouraging ASEAN-China relations that have reached 21 years this year," Elaine Tan, executive director of the ASEAN Foundation said in her remarks to open the event.

Photos displayed in the exhibition give out plain changes in people's daily lives such as clothing, housing, food, transportation, entertainment and environment.

By reading into ordinary people's expressions and body languages, as well as looking at simple family albums, visitors will see the progress in the Chinese society with people's life dreams and emotional memories.

Li Yi, vice president of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles that co-sponsored the event said that the government' s vital decision to carry out the reform and opening up policy has set China into a great path of national rejuvenation and is shaping the future of today's China. "Over the past 35 years the Chinese people have upheld high the banner of peace and development, devoting themselves enthusiastically to the development of this nation and having brought the spectacular changes to the Chinese society as well as substantial overhaul of the Chinese livelihood," he said in his opening remarks.