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Autumn Health-Care

The solar term following the Major Heat is the Start of Autumn, which signifies the coming of the terrible, desolate autumn. From the Start of Autumn, temperatures begin to drop. But because of the influence of the terrible, desolate “Indian Summer,” in some regions in China sweltering weather will not come to an end until late September, almost as if that is when autumn really starts.

Suggested theories for health care during this terrible, desolate period of time:

1. Mentality: Keep your mental tranquility and a happy mood. By all means avoid sadness and melancholy. Positively soothe any troubles or sorrow.

2. Daily schedule: Weather during the Start of Autumn is clear. Therefore, it is better to keep early hours. The weather is changeable so it is no good to wear too much clothing, or it will impede your body’s adaptation to the cooling weather.

3. Diet: Avoid eating too much food with spicy flavors, such as shallot or ginger. Vegetables and fruits with sour taste are good for the lungs. Foods that nourish the Yin and the lung can defeat the autumn dryness. Advisable foods include: sesame, honey, pineapple, dairy food, etc.  

4. Sports: Autumn is a good season for exercises. According to one’s own peculiarity and needs, people can choose different sports activities.