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The basic theory of TCM

The Five elements, the five internal organs, the five flavors, the five colors, the five sense organs, and the five annual divisions are all closely related. Adaptation of them to daily life would realize health maintaining. Here is the brief introduction of their relations.

1. The five elements and the five internal organs
The details of the relation between the five elements and the five internal organs have been introduced in the other article. That is: the wood of the liver, the fire of he heart, the earth of the spleen, the metal of the lung, and the water of the kidney.

2. The five colors and the five internal organs
(1) The color of liver is dark green, for which coarse rice, beef, and Chinese data are suitable.
(2) The color of heart is red. Beneficial food includes small bean, dog meat, plum, chives, tomato, orange and red apply.
(3) The color of the lung is white. Eating barley, mutton, apricot, chives, bean, and milk would benefit the lung.
(4) The spleen is yellow. For those whose complexion is dark, sweet food like carrot and yolk is good for them.
(5) The kidney belongs to black. The beneficial food includes muscle, peach, and chives.

3. The five sense organs and the five internal organs
(1) The nose is the organ of the lung. When there is something wrong with the lung, the symptom would be seen from the nose.
(2) The eyes are related to the liver. The diseases of the liver are always detective from the eyes.
(3) The mouth and the lips belong to the spleen. When the lips or the area around the lips are yellow, or it is bleeding, it is obvious that there is something wrong with the spleen.
(4) The tongue represents the heart, though heart attack can’t be seen from it. However, making a lot of errors in speaking is a sign for weakness of the heart.
(5) The ears and the kidney are closely related. All the diseases of the ears are the signs of the kidney diseases.

4. The five motion states with the five internal organs
(1) The heart with delight
(2) The liver with anger
(3) The sadness with the lung
(4) The spleen with thinking
(5) The kidney with fear

5. The five annual divided seasons and the five internal organs
(1) Spring, related with liver, is the time when all living things come our and grow. For health maintaining, it’s good opportunity to rise by taking some suitable elements like mulberry leaf, ginger and so on.
(2) Summer is the season of the heart. In summer, there is a lot of heat. The best way to keep healthy is to drive the extra heat inside the body. Some flower tea and vegetable are good choices, like lotus seed, bitter gourd.
(3) The long summer is the period between summer and autumn and related with spleen, when the temperature is going down. Therefore, clearing damp is most important.
(4) The autumn is the time for nourishing the lung.
(5) The kidney season, winter is the coldest season. Eating warm food does lots of good to the health.