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Paediatric Tuina short term training in Shanghai University of T.C.M

Course Name: Paediatric Tuina

Course Number: IEC04EN001

Course Location: ShanghaiUniversity of T.C.M. (Lingling Road Campus-No. 530, Lingling Road, XuhuiDistrict)

Teaching Language: English

Applicant Requirement: Those who are interested in traditional Chinese medicine and Paediatric Tuina

Main Module

  • Paediatric Tuina ——15 Lecture Hours (3 Lecture Hours each time, 5 times)


Course Time: May 19, May 26, June 2, June 9, June19 (13:30-15:50)


Teacher Resource:

Mr. Li Zheng-yu, M.D.,professor at Acumox and Tuina school, Shanghai University ofTraditional Chinese Medicine, has been dedicated in bilingual teaching oftuina. Prof. Li has edited the book Collections of Chinese Tuina and published 15 academic papers including Observation on the Effect of Massage on Experimental Gastric Ulcer in Rats. In addition, he has chaired numerous scientific research projects.

Mr. Xiao Bin, lecturer, college of acupuncture and tuina. TCM doctor. He mainlyfocuses on infantile tuina of Shanghai tuina school. Clinically he is good attreating infantile lung and spleen problems by tuina therapy.


Fees (in CNY)

  • Fee: 1300


Study Certificate:

Students will get the certificate (includingmodules and credits) from International Education College, Shanghai Universityof T.C.M.


How to Apply:

Please visit to finish the application procedure.

Or Contact for more information. 



University doesn’t provide accommodation for shortterm course



University doesn’t assist participant to extend thevisa.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us!


Tel: +86 15857187587


Wechat: CUECC2003