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The Most ImportantTraditional Food ,Chinese Dumpling


Today I wanna tell all other way to eating Chinese dumpling. Whether raw or boiled dumplings can use this method of cooking. we use different vegetables to cooking this. Chinese chive is also a good choice.


Details of making Chinese dumplings:
*1 lb. ground pork (or beef)
*6 T. sesame oil
*2 t. sugar
*0.75 t. salt
*0.25 t. pepper
*0.25 lb. Chinese chive
*1 t. salt
*0.25 lb. chopped green onions
*3 c. flour
*0.75 c. cold water
*0.5 c. flour (to prevent sticking during kneading)

soy sauce
vinegar (white or rice)
garlic (fresh, chopped fine, or powdered)
ginger (fresh, chopped fine, or powdered)
small bowl with water for dipping

Details of making Chinese dumplings
1. Filling: Mix ground pork, oil, sugar, chop chives,salt and pepper until fine. Let sit for 10 minutes; then squeeze out the excess water.


2. Skin: In a bowl, add water to the flour and knead into smooth dough; let it stand for 10 minutes. Roll the dough into a long baton-like roll and cut it into 50 pieces. Use a rolling pin to roll each piece to a thin circle.


3. Combine: Place 1 portion of filling in the center of a dough circle. Fold the circle in half and moisten the edges with water. Use index finger and thumb to bring the sides together. The smooth edge will conform to the decreased length of the pleated edge. Pinch the pleats together then pinch to seal. Place the dumpling on a floured tray and repeat this with the remaining dumplings.


4.Fried:Heat up a pan with a little oil,Put the raw dumplings in the pan and fried until the bottom of skin is golden,then add in a cup of water and cover the lid with pan,cook until without water,dish off.


5.Serving: Serve the dumplings hot (if you cook them in bamboo baskets you may wish to serve them from it directly at the table) with bowls of soy sauce mixed with red wine vinegar.


If you want to eat fried dumpling like snowflake,so add in starchy liauid in the pan instead of water will well.Of course fried dumpling like snowflake is very beautiful,so cook this for your friend is a best choice.