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Taoist Meditation


Taoist Water Method Meditation is designed to lead people gently and gradually to the core of their being. This unique meditation uses the energies of body, emotions and mind to resolve difficulties and attain a clear and relaxed spirituality.  Progressing from the physical, through the emotional to the spiritual the meditations lead students to balance and harmony with themselves and the universe. Taoist Meditation is safe and beneficial for all, and can be practiced amid the stresses of daily life. The methods are gentle and natural, balancing a person's energies while allowing their spirituality to develop comfortably and smoothly.

Like water wears away rock, Taoist Inner Dissolving wears away obstacles to our spiritual growth, leading us gently inward to our being and helping us to fully live our daily lives. The 'inner dissolving' process is especially effective for helping individuals to become aware of their hidden motivations and enabling them to change or eliminate those that they no longer find useful, ultimately leading students to balance and harmony with themselves and with the universe around them.
Taoist Meditation contains sitting, standing, lying down and moving techniques and joins well with Wu style Tai Chi Chuan.
Tai Chi Meditation is the merger of Wu style Tai Chi with the practices of Taoist Meditation. It was created centuries ago in China to help people turn chi into spirit and emptiness.
Taoist Meditation is additionally useful for releasing stress from daily life, and for help in becoming at one with nature, the universe and other human beings.

Chakra Balancing
Some of the oldest Buddhist meditations on mindfulness of the body vanished from India but were preserved in Southeast Asia. In this version of the White Bone Meditation from the Theravada tradition students learn to visualize their skeleton and then their chakras (energy centers) in order to connect with the energy of the universe. With its use of visualization and its power to help students cut through attachments to a calm, clear awareness, the Chakra Balance Meditation is an excellent introduction to the central Buddhist tradition of meditation.

Opening Your Central Channel
The meditations in this workshop help us open, refine and balance the core energies of our body and mind, with our central channel, our chakras and our aura (etheric body). This meditations in this workshop will give students a tangible awareness of their inner energies and will be helpful for all interested in increasing their health and spirituality.
The Gentle Rain
Taoist Inner Dissolving (often called The Gentle Rain) is the central practice in the Water Tradition. As water wears away rock, Inner Dissolving enables us to wear away obstacles to our spiritual growth leading us gently inward to our being and helping us to fully live our lives. It is extremely effective while also gentle. The meditations taught in this workshop will help us to become aware of our hidden motivations and enable us to change or eliminate those that we no longer find useful. The Gentle Rain will be helpful for all those who wish to develop peaceful, relaxed, energy and feel more at one with the universe around them.
Cosmic Resonance Meditation
Taoism preserved and developed the native meditation traditions of China, Tibet and elsewhere. In this meditation from the Water Tradition of Lao Tzu, students learn to feel and transform the energies of their mind and body, so they may resonate with the energies of their inmost selves, of nature and the universe around them. Cosmic Resonance provides a tangible connection to a profound but little known tradition of Taoist meditation.

Gods Meditating in the Clouds
This powerful chi kung was a favorite of Taoist Grand master Liu Hung Chieh. It  unites Taoist Meditation with of Gods in the Clouds Chi Kung to circulate blood and chi, strengthen the internal organs,  open the heart  and connect us to the universe.

Being Present
Many spiritual traditions recommend being present and living in the moment. Long believed to promote feelings of well-being, being present helps people slow down and recognize the wonder in every day. The Insight Meditations in this workshop offer breathing, movement and awareness techniques to help students gain self-knowledge, and unite body, mind, heart and soul. Being Present is an excellent introduction to Buddhist and Taoist meditation and will be useful to all those who wish to increase their consciousness and awakened to the universal in everyday life.

The Jump to Emptiness
Emptiness is the source of all being. In Emptiness there is clarity, inner stillness and a central place that is permanent and stable. The goal of many spiritual traditions, the peaceful quiet mind - empty - yet filled with awareness, is the perfect vehicle for increasing mindfulness and cosmic realization. In this workshop traditional Taoist techniques will help students relax, release energy blocks, and convert emotional energy to spirit and emptiness. Open to all, 'The Jump to Emptiness' will be useful to everyone who wishes to relax into an expanded consciousness and a new level of inner harmony and joy.