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Chinese Tea Drinking Method

The Brew
The young and tender tea leaves are placed in a shallow, flat iron vessel. Water is added and boiled at a slow pace. The mixture is then drained into a large tea pot and the brew is poured into small tea cups or flat tea bowls. The tea is to be sipped slowly, inhaling the aroma of the tea leaves.

White, green and black tea comes from one plant called Camellia sinensis. These tea leaves are categorized into four types depending on texture, color and aroma. White tea is made out of nascent fresh leaves, which are picked when the plant's buds are opening. Green teas acquire the natural color and aroma of the tea plant as the tea leaves are not fermented and processed.

Color and Scented Teas
Red tea is popular in Asian countries of India, Malaysia and Taiwan. This kind of tea is grown on the hillsides in the countryside of Hangzhou. An offshoot of red tea is black tea, which is also known as silky green tea owing to its silky texture. Popular black teas include Bo lei and Luk on. Oolong teas are partially fermented green tea leaves and are often used to make scented teas. Scented teas are made by mixing green tea leaves with flower petals and scents at the fermentation stage. These include rose and jasmine tea.

Health Benefits
Tea has digestive benefits. It cleans the colon and intestines of toxins. This prevents the development of stomach cancer. Tea also helps nicotine to be flushed out of the human body at a slow pace. This stops smoking yearnings and helps smokers in their long-term therapy trying to quit. Tea also prevents arthritis and breast cancer.

A Health Drink
Tea is a natural health drink comprised of vitamins, minerals, oils and fluoride. This composition helps skin pallor and improves eyesight.