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Tempting fruit in Xinjiang

The statistics of Urumqi custom said that the export of Xinjiang preserved and fresh fruits, nuts and the deep processed fruit products amounted to 150000 tones, valued at 80 million, increased by 50% as compared to the same period of last year.

Advantage in Growing Fruits

Insiders think that at present, Central Asia, Europe and USA have the great demand to the fruit products, and the preserved and fresh fruits exported from Xinjiang have the obvious price advantage.

Xinjiang, as the main region for fruit export, has the competitive advantage in exporting fruits as apple, grape, Hami melon, pear, juice and canned fruits. Currently, it is the dominant ideas for export of Xinjiang fruits to promote the typical superior fruit industry, to develop the green products. Xinjiang. On the base of improvement of the fruit quality and the capacity in technology, Xinjiang formed an industry chain of fruit production, packing, and sale promotion, built the green brand of fruit export, and set the fruit industry as the key industry to earn foreign exchange through exports.

Apricot in Xinjiang
Apricot is a common fruit in Xinjiang loved by most people. The apricot in Xinjiang has various kinds, sweet taste, rich flesh and a lot of nutritions.

Cantaloup is a special local fruit in Xinjiang, which is considered as 'the kind of melons'.

Korla Pear
It is famous for its super thin skin, rich flesh and juice, sweet taste and being able to be stored for a long time.

The history of grapes in Xinjiang
The history of growing grapes in Xinjiang is about over 2,000 years. Almost every family in Xinjiang grows grapes. The most famous grapes in Xinjiang is from Turpan.

The main fruit of Xinjiang
Xinjiang is one famous melons and fruits melons place.