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Jian bing (grilled savory crepe)

Jian bing, a form of grilled savory crepe with stuffing, is a popular dish in North China. The mung-bean-and-millet crepe is often made on a well-heated pan. Freshly scrambled egg, pickled vegetables, scallions, cilantro, black bean paste, chili sauce and a crispy fried crackers (the secret that adds a crunch to the crepe) are added on the crepe and rolled up. Often sold by street vendors, Jian bing is a popular choice for breakfast for on-the-go commuters.

Alisa Grandy, the owner of Bing Mi!, fell in love with the snack when she returned to Portland from her trip in China.

"When she got back from China, that's all she would talk about," says her husband Neal. Grandy spent months perfecting the right mix of ingredients to recreate the exact taste she enjoyed in China. Six months later, the couple opened a store. Business is good, as they've already got two crepe-makers on back order.

Bing Mi! sells a piece of jian bing for $6. In fact, it is the only item that they sell. According to Grandy's husband, Chinese customers nostalgic for the taste of home have given their compliments.