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China Dominates Asian Higher Education Rankings in 2016
By sally on 2016-06-23

  In the latest Asian University Rankings, China dominated the list with Tsinghua University ranking 6th and Peking University 9th, according to the 2016 QS release on Tuesday.

  As the global education group revealed the Chinese dominance on the world's largest regional university rankings, a total of 124 Chinese universities were in the top 350, of which 82 were higher education institutions on the mainland, 7 in Hong Kong, 34 in Taiwan and one in Macao. The number is far more than the second highest country, Japan, which had 74, and the third, South Korea, with 54.

  Twenty-six universities in the Chinese mainland have been ranked in the Top 100. 48 Chinese universities have seen their rankings move up.

  "China as the world leader in higher education with all aspects including research, innovation, education, employment, training, and international strategy Habitat Asian leadership and outstanding achievements, has been widely recognized by the international community in a long term,” said Dr. Zhang Yan, QS Global Education Group China director.

  "The Chinese government should further increase investment in education, and continuously expand and deepen the comprehensive reform of the education system, giving more autonomy to colleges and universities to encourage Chinese universities to reach out for more international cooperation."

  Now that a new indicator of faculty with PhDs has been introduced, the Renmin University of China, ranking 62 and USTC ranking 25 received 100 points for this indicator.

  These rankings indicate that Chinese universities have the significant ability to attract the best talent worldwide, whether they are studying, interning, working, and forming start ups in multiple disciplines in the future.

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