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Chinese language for March Intake in Gorgeous City- Fujian
By shirly on 2019-10-30

Location: Fuzhou, Fujian 


  The University, a century-old university based in Fuzhou, a historic cultural city known as “Land of Culture on the Coast”, is a time-honored and well-acclaimed provincial institution of higher learning. Currently the University proper consists of two campuses: Qishan and Cangshan, with a total land area of about 260 hectares. The University offers 85 undergraduate programs (78 of which enrolled students in 2018). Currently there are over 23,000 full time undergraduate students, over 7000 graduate students of various types, and 1800-strong teaching and auxiliary staff in the main campuses. Its faculty counts 59.06% full or associate professors and 52.15% doctorate degree holders. 

  The honorific titles and recognitions received by such a pool of excellent talent include one member of the Eurasian Academy of Sciences, three adjunct academicians, and nine scholars selected by Ten Thousand Talent Program (Program of Global Experts), four professors and three young scholars sponsored by Changjiang Scholar Awards, eight by National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (including overseas) and six by National Excellent Youth Science Foundation, three members or conveners of the subject-specific advisory groups under the State Council Commission for Regulating Academic Degrees, one convener of the Expert Panel of National Post-Doctor Regulatory Commission, nine state-level young experts of outstanding achievements, eight faculty members selected by the New Century Talent Project, one “Huang Danian Style Research Team”, three state-level excellent teaching groups, two “Distinguished Teachers”, five “Celebrated Cultural Experts”, one “Leading Talent” of Youth Science and Technology Innovation under the Ministry of Science and Technology, two innovation teams under the Ministry of Education, 17 faculty members supported by New Century Excellent Talent in University, and 129 scholars of State Council Allowance throughout the years.


For March Intake:

Chinese language:


Tuition fee: 15000/Y


Accommodation fee: 3600/Y for double room


Application materials:

1. Application Form on

2. a photocopy of passport

3. Highest transcript

4. Physical examination

5. Non-criminal statement


Application duration:

From November to December


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