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Scholarship Programs in Shijiazhuang Hebei Province!
By shirly on 2019-11-29

Location: Shijiangzhuang, Hebei Province



This university has been dedicated to wide international exchange and cooperation and so far established long-term partnership with more than 20 world prestigious universities and research institutes on students exchange, recognition of credits, double degree education, scientific research cooperation, etc.

Carrying forward the motto of “Cultivating Universal Perspectives, Pursuing Infinite Knowledge”, This university is open to all international students. Welcome!


Scholarship Classification:

Bachelor Degree:

1st Level: 10,000 CNY/Year

2nd Level: 8,000 CNY/Year

3rd Level: 5,000 CNY/Year

Master Degree:

1st Level: 18,000 CNY/Year

2nd Level: 15,000 CNY/Year

3rd Level: 10,000 CNY/Year



1. Students who have been rewarded the International Student Scholarship will no longer participate in other academic scholarships;

2. Students who have been rewarded the International Student Scholarship should apply for International Student Scholarship of next year before the end of the year; 3. All students should pay tuition, accommodation and other fees in full upon arrival. The International Education and Exchange Center will issue the scholarship to the student bank card at one time. Please consult the International Education and Exchange Center for issuing time;


Bachelor Degree: English-taught

Civil Engineering; Business Administration


Master Degree: English-taught

Mineral Prospecting and Exploration; Geological Engineering; MBA


Registration fee: CNY 500

Tuition fee:

Bachelor Degree   Programs

Master Degree   Programs

Liberal Arts   (Literature, law, economics, management etc.)

CNY 14,000/year

Liberal Arts   (Literature, law, economics, management etc.)

CNY 18,000/year


CNY 16,000/year

Science,   engineering

CNY 20,000/year


Textbooks are not   covered


Accommodation Fee:

Four-People’s Room: CNY 2,500/Academic Year

Two-People’s Room: CNY 5,000/Academic Year



If you want to apply, please feel free to contact Shirly for more details:


Tel: 0086-15857187587

Whatsapp: 8615068158042

Facebook: Shirly Guo

Twitter: Shilry81054676

Instagram: guo.shirly

Wechat: CUECC2

skype: teachcn



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