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Name:Promise Paidamoyo Kapumha      Country:Zimbabwean
Comments:Hello, my name is Promise Paidamoyo Kapumha.I am a Zimbabwean and am a lady of 20years old. Currently I am studying MB... More
Comments: My Experience about Studying in China Looking for a better education? You are strongly recommended to study in C... More
Name:GUEYE Thierno      Country:Senegal
Comments: Re: First experience in China Madam/Sir With this message, I want to thank you very much Stella diligence you m... More
Name:Kundai Mpiwa      Country:ZIMBABWEAN
Comments: Congratulations for making it to University of Gongshang Zhejiang. The University is a large community made up of s... More
Name:Monia UMUBYEYI       Country:Rwanda
Comments: Monia is now studying MBBS in Jilin University in China. She got the admission with the help of Sophia from study-... More
Name:Jesus Obama Engonga      Country:Equatorial Guinea
Comments: Jesus Obama Engonga My name is Jesus Obama Engonga, I’m from Equatorial Guinea; I have been on China four years... More
Name:Nawras Haider      Country:Syria
Comments: Nawras Haider is from Syria, now he isstudying Aeronautical Engineeringinin Shenyang Aerospace University, he came to... More
Name:Marco Orecchio      Country:Italy
Comments: University StudentsTravel to the Waterfalls My name is Marco and I'm studying Chinese language in Guangxi Normal ... More
Name: Joshua Desbordes       Country:Ghana
Comments: my name is joshua Desbordes from Ghana and i'm currently studying petroleum engineering in the best petroleum univer... More
Name:Efosa Obanor      Country:Nigeria
Comments: Efosa Obanor (University of Science and Technology Liaoning ) All my life, I have never seen anyone with such close... More
Name:Komal Karir      Country:UK
Comments: Hello, My name is Komal and I am a student from London, UK. I was looking to study in China and found this webs... More
Name:Cerdic Mataso      Country:CONGOLESE
Comments: Cerdic Mataso(Jiangsu University) I know people seems to have an headache when it's about coming studying to chin... More
Name: Ali Mehdi SM Khan      Country:Pakistan
Comments: Ali Mehdi SM Khan( Yangzhou University ) Hi everybody!The most lovely thing that I want to share with everyone is ... More
Name:Ahmed Mohamed Hussein (Dool)      Country:Somalia
Comments:I am writing these few lines to say thank you for your prompt attention and most excellent speedy service. I shall not... More
Name:Assad Hassan Khalif      Country:Canada
Comments:Hello, my name is Assad Khalif and I am from Canada Ottawa Ontario. I ‘am a first year freshmen student attending the ... More
Name:Suhaib Sajid      Country:Pakistan
Comments:I suggest you this site because it is very cheap website to take admission in any university so altogether we can say ... More
Name:Jedidiah Melaku Hailu      Country:Ethiopia
Comments:My name is jedy,and i am a student studying Aerospace Engineering here in china,well before i came to china,i visited ... More
Name:Zhassan Dana      Country:Kazakhstan
Comments:I highly recommend this web site because it let me in a short time for my school found, hope everybody can come to Chi... More
Name:Musa      Country:Ghana
Comments:i find this website through google, it is helpful, More
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