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Step By Step Guide To Apply To China Colleges And Universities

              Step By Step Guide To Apply To China Colleges And Universities

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Study-in-china is a one-stop professional website aiming to guide the international students intending to study in China, providing comprehensive services from on-line consultation to successful school application.


Step1 Download the application form at the bottom of this page, fill in the form as requested, and then send it to admission@126.com


Step2 Applicant should submit requisite supporting documents after being noticed that you are a qualified candidate initially to apply for study in China by email.


 Standard Documents for Study Application

1.   Application Form for International Students

2.   The notarized xerox copies of the certificates for the last degree and graduation

3 The notarized xerox copy of the transcript for the last degree and graduation

4.   A xerox copy of the valid passport (Photo page)

5.   A xerox copy of the certificate for Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) for those who intend to study in Chinese.

6Two references from two professors or associate professorsfor master and doctoral program


Step3 An assessment for applicant’s documents will be given from study-in-china, including professional advice on the most fitting schools and majors.


Step4 Once applicant confirms the school intending to apply to, we will inform you the official photocopy of admission notice from the university within 5 working days.


Note:  Your initial application is free of charge. Application and Processing Fee is only charged after you got the formal evaluation of your qualification/certificates and we can guarantee a seat/admission for you in your wanted university.

Step5 The application and processing fee has to be paid after the applicant receives the acceptance from the university.

Step6 The official admission notice, along with form JW202/201 for your visa application will be mailed by express as soon as your payment has been confirmed.

Step7 With the Admission Notice, JW202 Form (visa form), private passport and personal Physical Examination Record, you can apply for the visa in the nearest embassy/consulate of China in your country.

Standard Documents for Visa Application

1. A valid passport (Make sure your passport is valid for longer time otherwise your residence permit will have to be re-applied after your passport expires. A new passport’s application will take some time, and the time needed varies from country to country.)

2. Recent passport-sized photos

3. Visa application form

4. JW-202/201 form (Remember to bring back the original copy to China)

5. Admission Notice

6. Physical Examination Record


Step8 Once the visa is issued, please notify us the date of your departure and we will arrange all the necessary things like hostel room and others in the university.

Step9 The school officials will receive the student at the nearest airport, bus station or railway station to the university.

Estimated processing time

It takes one month approximately from you receive the official admission notice to the visa being issued with success.
Pay Now (Alternative) 

You can remit the money to following Official Bank Account by your home Bank

A/C NAMELing Zhang

A/C NO456 3511 30010 7862145





Payment Notice

Please email or fax a copy of the TT or PAYPAL advice or receipt so that we can reply you within 24 working hours as soon as we receive the confirmation of your payment.

Note: Please pay the fee in a timely manner, otherwise, the following steps can not be continued.

Our official contact info: admission@126.com. Any questions will be replied within 48 working hours after receiving your referral. 


Application Form for self-financed international students  

Physical Examination Form for International Students