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Xiaolangdi Scenic Zone
By admin on 2015-03-04

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Suited at Xiaolangdi Town, over 30 kilometers north of Luoyang, at the outlet of the last gorge on the middle reaches of the Yellow River, the Xiaolangdi Key Water Control Project on the Yellow River is an outstanding water conservancy project in the world, a monument in the Chinese history of putting the Yellow River under control. It has more than 60 places of scenic and historic interest


Gold in the national scenic spots and tourist routes Henan "3.1%" in the center of the scenic spots across the north and south shores of the southern coast of Xiaoshan Northeast MS-west Fen, Wei basin, bounded by the North China Plain. 

Wong Uk Taihang Mountains and the northern shore of a mountain, scenic areas and the Xiaolangdi project on the basis of the mountains, water, forests, grasslands, characterized by large-scale ecological garden. Huang Lu Shan in the south coast area the highest point, from here, which overlooks the dam Panorama, and can feel the beauty of nature.

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