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Shanghai World Financial Center
By admin on 2015-03-04

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Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) is a super tall skyscraper in Pudong New Area, Shanghai. It is a mixed use skyscraper which consists of offices, hotels, conference rooms, observation decks, and shopping malls on the ground floors. On 14 September 2007 the skyscraper was topped out at 492.0 meters (1,614.2 feet) and it has become the 3rd tallest building in the world; as well as the 2nd tallest structure on mainland China, including Hong Kong.

There are a total of 104 floors of the building, 101 floor above the ground and 3 floor under the ground. The ground floor of Shanghai World Financial Center is a shopping mall and an elevator lobby with gyrating kaleidoscopes on the ceiling. On the upper floors are offices, conference rooms, hotel rooms, and observation decks. Park Hyatt Shanghai on the 79th to 93rd floors of the building is the second-highest hotel in the world after The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, which occupies floors 102 to 118 of the International Commerce Centre, comprising 174 rooms and suites. The building's most distinctive architectural feature is the aperture at the building peak, which has a trapezoidal shape resembling a bottle opener. It was originally a circular shape but was changed after the government of China objected, stating that the circular hole resembled the rising sun on the Japanese flag.

Tourist Information of Shanghai World Financial Center
The tower features three separate observation decks. The height of the highest observation deck, located on the 100th floor, is 474 m (1,555 feet) high; the second, on the 97th floor, is at a height of 439 m (1,440 feet); and the lowest, on the 94th floor, is 423 m (1,388 feet)

Ticket hall
Ticket hall is on the negative first floor. Here, "LED lighting works of art" is specially prepared for visitors by the famous Japanese multimedia artist Mr. Toshio Iwai, so that visitors can experience the new fantasy world the first time after entering into the sightseeing hall.

94F sightseeing Hall
Sightseeing hall on 94th floor has a height of 423 meters, covering an area of approximately 750 square meters. The ceiling of the hall is eight meters high. In the hall, you can not only overlook the whole Shanghai city, but also hold various exhibitions and events taking the beautiful Huangpu River as the background, which will give you a completely different audio-visual experience and unprecedented physical and mental shock.

97F Sightseeing Flyover
Sightseeing Flyover on the 97th floor is 439 m high, like a bridges floating in the air. While walking on the flyover, it makes you feel like strolling in the sky. Open glass roof allows you breathe the fresh air and feels like touching blue sky and white clouds at your fingertips.

100F Sightseeing Hall
Sightseeing Hall in the 100th floor is 472 meters high. There is a 55-meter long transparent sightseeing corridor. Walking on this corridor would be an exciting experience. 

World Records of the Shanghai World Financial Center
?It has the highest height of the world which people can reach: 474 meters. It is the viewing platform on the 100th storey of the building.
?It has the world's highest Chinese restaurant with a height of 416 m, located in 93rd layer in the building.
?It owns highest swimming pool of the world: 366 m, located in the 85th floor.

Travel Guide
Address: Building 1, No.100 Century Ave, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
Opening hours: 08:00 am -11:00 pm
How to get there: The most cheapest and convenient way to get to the building is to take Subway Line 2 and get off at Lujiazhui Station. Or if you do not care about the expense, you may take a taxi to get there. 
Surrounding: Shanghai Jin Mao TowerOriental Pearl TV Tower, Lujiazhui Financial Area, Binjiang Road.

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