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West Lake
By admin on 2014-10-22

The West Lake, one of the most beautiful sights in China, is located right in the heart of the city. West Lake is as beautiful as a painting. There are many other must-see natural beauties in Zhejiang Province which includes the Putuo Mountain, admired as ’Buddhist Land of South Sea’. The First Mountain in southeast China--Yandang Mountain, the most elegant Qiandaohu Lake, and the famous Buddhist mountain - Mount Tiantai are well worth seeing. There is the sacred Chinese calligraphy place--Lanting and the oldest private library in Asia -Tianyi Pavilion. The greatest water conservancy project in ancient China - Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the three ancient water towns-- Xitang, Nanxun and Wuzheng are all scenic spots that delight tourists who visit this region. If you happen to travel to Zhejiang on August 18th of Chinese lunar year, you will be lucky enough to watch the Qiantang River Bore. The famous tide-watching spot is the Haining City, which is 60 kilometers west of Hangzhou.

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