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Hebei University of Technology (HUT)
By admin on 2015-06-11

University Introduction

Located in the city of Tianjin, the third most popular city in China, Hebei University of Technology (HUT) is a key provincial university as well as one of the national “Project 211” universities in China. While HUT specializes in technological studies, the administrative curriculum also prioritizes academic study in the fields of science, economics, management, arts, and law, making HUT a balanced, multidisciplinary institution. Established in 1903 with the name of Beiyang Technology School, the university experienced several periods, including Zhili Higher Industrial School, Hebei Industrial College and Hebei College of Engineering. The name of Hebei University of Technology was confirmed in the year of 1995.

HUT is comprised of 4 campuses in Tianjin proper and two campuses in Langfang City in Hebei province, altogether totaling 659 acre with the building area of more than 840,000 square meters. The new campus, a total area of 494 acre, contains 18,800 students. The university offers sufficient teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment which are valued at 269 million yuan and a collection of 1.8 million books in the library. The Internet covers all campuses, which makes the students be able to use Internet on campus. HUT offers 62 undergraduate programs, 15 schools (one is directly under the Ministry of Education and three teaching management schools), including 2 National Key Disciplines, 4 provincial Strong Characteristic Disciplines, 17 provincial Key Disciplines, 142 masters programs, 37 doctoral programs, and 8 post-doctoral research stations (Material Science and Engineering post-doctoral research station is national outstanding). Additionally, HUT is the first university which has MBA program and the only one that has EMBA program.

In addition to teaching and scientific research, HUT has also been committed to international educational cooperation and founds School of International Education with more than 380 students. The university has international exchange programs with more than 60 partner universities in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, Russia, and Australia, running more than 20 programs. The cooperation programs cover from post-secondary to doctorial degree, and the degree cooperation programs has been extended to the United States, France, Great Britain, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, etc. The international cooperation in running school of HUT is in the forefront of the Hebei province with high quality of the scale and stage of the cooperation. The program with SUPINFO Institute of Information Technology in France is the first program of cooperated education between China and foreign countries that to be accepted by the Ministry of Education. There are around 460 students in this program and most of them are working on the firm related to IT in Europe after their graduation. During the time of “the 11th Five-Year Development Guidelines”, this program has made the breakthrough on the enrollment of undergraduate and graduate international students; enrolled 500 students who did not pursue degrees; sent out more than 800 students abroad. HUT organized the international and domestic academic conferences 34 times; more than 1,740 people participated in the conferences; more than 100 teachers to the famous universities inside or outside the county to study and work; invited around 100 famous professors and doctors all over the world to give speeches and academic communications.



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