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What is 201/202 Form
By admin on 2014-11-19

The JW201 / JW202 is a form generated by a Chinese university upon admission acceptance. Once you're accepted, your Chinese university will send you (probably via global EMS or airmail) a document packet containing:


1. Original JW201 or JW202 Form

2. Letter of Acceptance from your Chinese School

And probably some other stuff in there as well.


The JW201 / JW202 is the form you'll need to take to your nearest Chinese consulate or embassy to apply for your Chinese student Visa (X-Visa).


You can't download a JW201 / JW202, since the school has to fill it out in Chinese, stamp it (nothing is official in China without being stamped) and sign it themselves. Therefore, if you haven't received your JW201 or JW202 form yet from your school and your departure date is approaching, you'll probably want to get them on the horn and find out what you have to do to finish processing your Chinese student Visa.

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