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Jilin Normal University
By Shelia on 2016-06-21

   Jilin Normal University, founded in 1958, is a popular university in Jilin province. It is located in Siping city. Its former name is Siping Normal College. The spacious campus covers an area of 920,000 square meters. Jilin Normal University serving as the local education, it is also the training center for provincial excellent teachers . Jilin College and University teachers' training center is also here. At present, 22 colleges, 2 teaching sections, 27 research units and 117 laboratories exist after all the efforts.  There are 55 undergraduate programs in total and nearly one hundred secondary discipline master's degree authorization centers. The library has 1.84 million volumes so as to gain what you are curious about easily. The university aims to cultivate students to follow the principles in accordance with spirits, morality, global perspective and capability of teaching.




    Jinlin Normal University has got fabulous development in the aspect of systematical  teaching and  maintenance, and high reputation forms in short time at northeast areas. At the moment, to keep up with the pace of the policy of the ministry of education, it has taken various measures to advance the improvement of attracting the overseas students. Not only has it builded the sound incentives to welcome the attention from foreign students, but  is very active in developing foreign academic exchanges and wide inter-school cooperation. It has established cooperative relationship with universities and educational scientific researching institutions in the United States, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia and Great Britain etc.. In 2006, it was awarded by the Ministry of Education to accept foreign students .






     The environment around campus can provides you with comfortable and novel feeling to experience unique life. The varied scenery in different season will make you appreciate the marvel of nature, and the help from friendly Chinese will make you realize the beauty of personality. The fresh encounters appearing everyday will make you experience the surprise of life and all the wonderful life you feel  here will be the priceless treasure to lead you a significanrt life.



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