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Professor Greenberg Visited ZJSU

On September 27th, Everett Peter Greenberg, the member of United States National Academy of Sciences and professor of University of Washington visited ZJSU and gave a lecture to the students from the School of Environmental Science and Engineering on Global Forum. Vice-President Dai Wenzhan met the guest after the lecture. Directors of the International Office and the School of Environmental Science and Engineering also attended the meeting.


On behalf of  ZJSU , Dai Wenzhan gave his warmest welcome to Professor Everett Peter Greenberg and expressed the honor and gratitude to Professor Greenberg for his speech in ZJSU, by which the faculty and students are much enlightened. After briefly introducing the history and the educational internationalization strategy of ZJSU, Dai also made a description of the progress of discipline construction, faculty construction and internationalization in ZJSU, especially the professional competitiveness and talent cultivation in the School of Environmental Science and Engineering. He hoped that Prof. Greenberg would visit ZJSU for more lectures and further exchange so as to strengthen cooperation between the two universities. In response, Professor Greenberg said he was honored to visit ZJSU and give lectures to the students and teachers. He thinks Hangzhou is a beautiful city and will visit again for further cooperation. At the end of the meeting, on behalf of ZJSU, Dai awarded Professor Greenberg the Certificate of Visiting Professorship.


Everett Peter Greenberg is one of the top scholars known for quorum sensing. He is the Chairman of the Board of Nomination Committee of American Academy of Microbiology and co-chair of the Cystic Fibrosis Research and Evaluation Committee. He was also a member of Cornell University, University of Iowa, and the director of Selection Committee of the Department of Microbiology of University of Washington


(taken from ZJSU website)