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72 foreign students jumped out from the first heat of 2016 Chinese Bridge

Hosted by Confucius Institute Headquarters(Han ban) as well as CCTV, the 2016 Chinese Bridge , Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreigners Across the Globe ring down the curtain for its first heat. There are 72 foreigner students who stood out with the qualification of attending the quarter-final to be held in July. The contestants are as follows:


(quoted from Chinese Bridge Official Website)

 Under the circumstance of globalization, the world is connected tightly no matter in politics, economy or culture. This activity on one hand provide a platform for foreign students to show their talents, on the other hand it promote the cultural communication between different backgrounds regardless of races. Furthermore, it is a good opportunity to learn the Chinese traditional culture which you will sure to get indulged in the mystery of the nation with more 5000 years.


(from Chinese Bridge Official Website)


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