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Yellow River Scenic Area
By admin on 2015-03-03

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Yellow River Scenic Area is a national AAAA scenic area in Zhengzhou City. This area is covered by green trees dotted by pavilions and towers. A north view by standing on a high place shows the Yellow River keeps ruuning forward.

360截图20150303152006125.jpgThe park is composed of four parts: Wanglongfeng Scenic Spot where the Water Conservancy Project to divert the Yellow River water to Zhengzhou was built in 1972; Yueshan Temple Scenic Spot where the Zijin Tower and Iron Chain Bridge are found; Luotuo (Camel) Bridge with its 10-meter-tall statue of Emperor Yu the Great and nearby, the Stele Forest of the Yellow River with some 570 pieces inscribed by famous contemporary calligraphers; Hanba Erwangcheng Scenic Spot, which is made up of East and West Guangwu cities, two royal cities built in 203 BC by Liu Bang, first Han emperor and Xiangyu, ruler of the State of Chu when the two pitted their forces against each other there.

At the foot of the hill is a statue of a mother and son that is meant to represent the great mutual affection that the river and the people of China hold. The Yueshan temple is probably the best of the sights here, within which there is a statue of the "Great Yu", the legendary king of ancient China. Most prominent of the statues has to be the 100m tall statue of the emperor's Yan and Huang, who were both believed to be of Henan origin.


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