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CCTV New Tower
By admin on 2015-03-04

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CCTV HQ (China Central Television Headquarters)or CCTV New Tower is outstanding for its brand-new appearance. It is surely that every one who has seen CCTV new Tower for at least one time will remember it immediately.


The attractive CCTV Headquarter which was completed on Jan 1, 2008 is a 234 m (768 ft), 44-storey skyscraper in the Beijing Central Business District and serves as headquarters for the China Central Television. Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren of OMA were the architects in charge for the building, while Arup provided the complex engineering design.


Construction Project

CCTV Headquarter was completed in 2008 for welcoming the Beijing Olympic Games. Aimed to leave an impressive image to the world, the preparation of this skyscraper had already began in 2003. After experts’ consideration and discussion for a long time, CCTV new tower was planned to stand on the 3rd Ring Road in Beijing, China, on a 10 ha site in the new Central Business District.


This construction project was a mark to begin a plan to redevelop central Beijing. The goal to redevelopment is to draw a picture of modern Beijing with creative and functional architectures while preserve the historic Beijing at the same time.


The Structure

The structure emphasizes stylish ideal. Two "L"shaped high-rise tower linked at the top and the bottom at an angle to form a loop, which has been described as a "Z" criss-cross. The new CCTV Tower can be generally divided into three parts including the Main Building, The TV Cultural Center and auxiliary comprehensive facilities.


Main Building

In this part, there are five sections which are divided according to different functions.

* the administration section

* the comprehensive business section

* the news production and broadcasting section

* the broadcasting section

* the program production section


TV Cultural Tower

In this part, there are three sections which are divided according to different functions.

* a hotel

* a TV theater

* audio studios


The other auxiliary comprehensive facilities, occupying a total floor space of about 110,000 square meters, mainly are the parking lot and the security guard building.


Repaired after 2009 Fire

A fire caught by the firework on Lantern Festival day in 2009 damaged some sections of the Television Cultural Center. After one year later on the same date of 2010, the main CCTV tower was out of the schedule to be repaired.


The building appeared vacant at night for much of the year with lights appearing only the upper floors but on September and October on two note occasions the entire tower complex was alight at least from one of the towers. The Television Cultural Center will be repaired.

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