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Bright Moon Park
By admin on 2015-03-03

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Bright Moon Park is the theme park to commemorate Zheng Chenggong, a national hero. First built in 1985, the park was named because of a poem which aiming to cherish the memory of the hero and Taiwan.


The name of the park derives from the line "I had a sleepless night thinking of Your Majesty as the bright moon light streamed in through the curtain", from the “Two Yanping Lords Poetry Collection" composed in remembrance of the hero and the yearning for the return of the motherland's treasured island of Taiwan.


? Zheng Chenggong Brone Statue

The bronze statues of Zheng Chenggong and his Ministry are slightly larger than their real figures respectively. In addition, the rest statues of the military and horses are spread toward the sides, which form an extended line of sight range, and attract many people’s attention.


It is worth mentioning that a giant granite statue of Zheng Chenggong stands prominently on the Covering Rock (Fudingyan), which completed on August 27, 1985. This Colossus is 15.7 meters high and weighs 1617 tons, caved with 23 layer of 625 granites named “Quanzhou White”, really spectacular.


? What to See

The major attractions in the garden include Zheng Chenggong's Stone Statue, Zheng Chenggong's Bronze Sculptures, Stele Corridor, Fuding Ancient Well and the Emperor's Palace. The garden's leisure and holiday villas are close to the sea These villas are the preferred dwellings for holiday makers on Gulangyu.

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