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Xinghai Square
By admin on 2015-03-04

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Xinghai Square was once the largest square in Asia, covering 1.1 million square meters. It was constructed to commemorate the return of Hong Kong. 'Xinghai' means a sea fulling of star in English. The shape of the central square looks like a star. That's how it got its name.


There are groups of bronze sculptures on the square, such as a policewoman on horseback, roll-skating children and street artist. Among them, a sculpture of people's footprints developing from childhood to adulthood is the highlight. It represents a long journey requiring patience and composure, which Dalian has gone through. Whilst wandering the square paved with red bricks and franked by green grasses, you can enjoy sunshine, the grand sea, and even fascinating modern architecture.


Cliffs tower above the sea at the eastern and western ends of the park and the cliff tops present stunning views across the bay where sea and sky blend together on the distant horizon. The Tanhai Cave can be seen in the eastern cliffs. The name of the cave means 'exploring the sea' and as you descend the steps within it you will find the sea-spray rising at your feet, a truly amazing sight!

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