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Village of Ethnic Culture
By admin on 2015-03-04

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For a long time, the ethnic groups and their exotic customs has attracted many people from home and abroad. However, visitors from far away find it difficult to cover the whole province during their short stay. Intended to cope with this situation and epitomize all these in Kunming-the capital city of Yunnan and very important stop for travelers in the province, the Village of Ethnic Culture has managed to represent and exhibit the history, the cultures, the customs and the natural village houses of the 26 nationalities in this province. With the inclusion of precipitous hills, beautiful lakes and an integration of the customs, cultures, music, songs, dances, religious and architecture of the 26 nationalities, the village community has helped to show the world the true nature of Yunnan, a mysterious yet modern garden of ethnic cultures.

Located by the Dianchi Lake and at the foot of the Western Hill, the Village is a major part of Kunming Dianchi National Tourist and Holiday Zone. Opened to the public on February 18, 1992, the community is 8 km away from the city of Kunming proper and covers an area of 1,340 mus. The whole community contains 26 villages, and so far the Dai Village, the Bai Village, the Yi Village, the Naxi Village, the Wa Village, the Jinuo Village, the Lahu Village, the Bulang Village and 4 other villages have been completed.
The village is not only celebrating ethnic minorities, but it is also designed to give the world a snapshot view of both the natural scenery and cultural importance of Yunnan including: precipitous hills and beautiful lakes, parks, woods, old and modern treasures. Now the community has become a must-see for domestic and overseas visitors to Yunnan.

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