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Humble Administrator Garden
By admin on 2015-03-04

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The Humble Administrator Garden was first built in the fourth year of the reign of Emperor Zhengde of Ming Dynasty in 1509. It covers an area of 52,000 square meters. Humble Administrator Garden (Zhuozheng yuan) is the best representation of Chinese classical gardens of the Ming Dynasty. Its design is duplicated in many gardens throughout China, and there is even a replica in the New York Metropolitan Museum.
The houses in the residential area are of the typical Suzhou style and now used as exhibition rooms. The middle section is the gem of the whole garden. Of its area one-third is covered by water. Around the lake are trees and buildings.

The main scenic spots include Distance Fragrance Hall, Fragrance Islet, Lotus-viewing Pavilion, See-the-hill Building and Pipa Garden. In this well-preserved private garden, one will enjoy the original and ingenious design as well as the calm mind which deeply hidden in your mind.

It also is a great fun to have a study about the basic factors of Chinese traditional garden including the lakeside rocks, the tower and mansions, winding path and the corridors, etc.

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