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Resonant Sand Gorge
By admin on 2015-03-05

The Resonant Sand Gorge is located in the Kubuqi Desert, which is 50 kilometers to the south of Baotou. It is a sand slope in the shape of a crescent. The sand slope is 110 meters high and 400 meters wide and has a slant of 45 degree angle. When it is sunny and the sand is dry, people slide from the top of the dune and when they slide it will make sounds like someone beating a drum or blowing a horn.  Sometimes, a slight sound like croaking of a frog or a strong sound like a flight take-off or an engine roar can be heard. If three or more people slide from the top of the dune at the same time, it will produce sound with a great effect. The entire dune is like a huge sandy echo wall and hence it got the name Resonant Sand Gorge.

There are a few colorful and vibrant activities based on this scenic spot. For example, the desert- cable car, the desert cart, the desert biking, horse- riding, camel- riding and so on. Travelers can also watch the sunrise and the sunset in the desert and enjoy the sand sculptures.

Chinese Pinyin: Xiang Sha Wan
Opening Times: 08:30 – 18:00 
Ticket Price: CNY80
Address: Resonant Sand Gorge, Dalate Banner, Erdos City, Inner Mongolia 
How to Get to: Take long distance coach from Baotou Railway Station to Erdos, and get off at Wayao Village. Then walk and take a local minibus for 5km to arrive at the site. Or charter a car at Baotou Railway Station. The fee is about CNY200 to charter a minibus to Resonant Sand Gorge. Or take train from Baotou and get off at the stop of Resonant Sand Gorge. 

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